Where does creativity come from?

to me, there are two consistent traits that lead to composing: it is the mistakes i make in execution, and my misunderstanding of a concept (i'll expand on the latter part in future posts). 

in this video i try to explain to a friend how to write a melody. 

i talk about picking a bunch of notes and then randomly trying different combinations over a chord change. even in my own demonstration of the concept, i make mistakes. for example, i play a melody one way, then i suggest, "why not play it backwards?" then i incorrectly play it backwards. 

but this doesn't matter. exercises like playing a melody backwards, or trying out different combinations, or changing the chord pattern underneath the melody, are not an end in themselves. they are simply paths taken to lead towards creativity. incorrectly playing the melody backwards led to a melody that led to a song. 

here, you're not winning points in how correctly you understand something. who cares if you can perfectly transcribe a melody from Ab to E? by fucking it up you might make something interesting. 

interesting. it's a word i use way too much. it's like an algebraic x for what i really want to say. i'll work on that.

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