Austin Kleon: "Show Your Work!!!" Me: "OKAYYY!!!"

Artist marketing guru Austin Kleon advises artists to "show their work". In fact, the title of one of his books is "show your work." Which is great, because you get all the info you need in the title. This saves time & money. All arts marketing gurus should employ such declarative statements as book titles.

Anyway, I've taken his advice, assuming that's what his advice is, and am posting the demo of a piece I'm working on. Maybe it's close to finished. I'm not sure. I was going to bust out a whole album of piano pieces to put up on Bandcamp for their fee-waiving artist benefit on May 1, but I'd rather "officially" release work that I'm proud of, and don't feel confident that hurrying together a bunch of half arsed piano riffs in a few days would constitute much of an album. Not that I'm not proud of my sketches and squiggles, but I'd feel a bit lame trying to charge anybody money for them.

I've been fiddling around with these finger patterns for a few days. I pressed the record button and this is what happened. I even like the accidental chords that rose from my mistakes. The unexpected dissonance when I hit bum notes.

I post it here because this piece will never be the same again. I wouldn't try to replicate such insanity. I'd clean away the edges, or edge away the cleanness. Probably the latter. I don't know. Maybe it needs to just be sweet like a bee's last dance.





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