The Saga Continues For Everybody, INCLUDING ME!


So in good news it wasn't Covid. In bad news -- albeit hopefully fake news -- unable to restrain my fingers from Googling every symptom, I've diagnosed myself with COPD, heart disease, asbestosis, cancer, silicosis...

Oh well. It was a nice life. I guess. I wish I did more things and didn't let anxiety / depression / fear put a dampener on so many good times. But ya know...

I'm going to a doctor tomorrow. I've somehow managed to get this far without having a GP. Maybe I'll like this doctor. We can become friends. The doctor will tell me it's just asthma from a chest cold and there are things I can do to manage it.

Health problems are boring. They really are.

I've been playing piano when I've felt up to it. I'm working on a bigger piece called Liquid Dreams.

It's been lonely and scary but my dreams have been nice. At least I wake up with a feeling like when you return from a holiday. So ya know. I assume they were good. And next post won't be about me at all. It'll be about the guy who was once referred to as "the Beethoven of America". Been reading some interesting stuff about the development of American composition in the 19th Century.

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